My Philosophy


This website is entirely dedicated to the concept of handmade organic jewelry.


I started the fantastic journey into the world of handmade during an inspiring trip through South America and ever since I cannot get enough of discovering new natural materials to work with. The handmade experience changed my life pace and has shed my previous life as a employee into a new perspective and got me even closer to the nature. It also shed life on dormant skills I have neglected for long and made me reflect more on the production and consumption patterns of our society and become aware of the utterly non-sustainable path our society is walking.


My project “Arbol del Mundo” (Tree of the World) is an invitation to a bio-geological journey around the world and to sustainable consumption.
My jewelries are made of vegetal materials (.) as well as gemstones from all over the world.


I use exclusively natural materials (hemp, seeds, dried fruits, wood and gemstones from all over the world and my forms are inspired by nature. Since each person is different, I consider the uniqueness of every single piece of my jewelries as a very important principle to stick to. Not seeking to keep up the pace with the trends, but rather with the rhythms of nature, my jewelry is always fashionable, as long as you take your own taste as a trend-setter. The jewelry I create is sustainable, since the raw material is obtained with no intrusive intervention upon natural habitats. Some of the raw materials are picked from nature by myself, the rest is acquired in fair trade, from the local crafters from all over the world.


I therefore invite to get inspired by the beauty of nature, to think about your consumption habits in the field of jewelry consumption, moving away from jewelry produced from finite materials (merely metals) whose exploitation led to landscape destruction and to empoverishment of local population on the long run (such as mining projects all over the world etc.) or to child labour and abuses over the labour force (China, India).


As a jewelry maker, I actively support the Campaign “Salvati Rosia Montana”, a Romanian environmental campaign aiming at stopping the biggest open cast gold mining project in Europe and with my project, I try to show that gold is a matter of the past in terms of jewelry making. The gold of the forests is much more beautiful and sustainable.